Amphibious RIB Boat 8.4m - Professional Amphibious Boat - OCM Amp
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The OCM Boat 8.4m is ideal for a number of applications; from Law enforcement for fire rescue and flood rescue.

The Amphibious boat can be fully customized with multitude of equipment and accessories as to fulfill your requirements. The OCM Boat 8.4m flat bottom is another great innovation by OCM.

The flat bottom renders the displacement depth very low, making it the ideal flood rescue boat for inland settings. The flat bottom gives a shallow draft of 16cm and a lateral stability that are imperative in such operations

With a direct launching to the sea and a smooth landing on the beach, you can go wherever you desire for a fun day in the sun. Thanks to its sophisticated 4 wheels drive system, once you are nearing the shore, you can lower the wheels downwards so your boat can drive up the beach and park. On land it can drive up to 9.5km/h.


  • 1 man operation – reduce the number of needed workforce
  • Straight driving onto any beach or marina
  • Accessibility to the shallowest water
  • Access to areas of high tidal range
  • Ease of entry to previously inaccessible areas of operation
  • Extremely fast deployment response: Rapid transition between land and water
  • Increased patrolling areas
  • Rapid Interception in SAR cases
  • Unique Rescue Capability and Flood Response
  • Extremely fast Deployment Response
  • Ability to Traverse Obstacles, Variable Depths and Debris

ocean craft marine


 Length Overall:  8.8 m – 28’11”
 Beam Overall:  2.55 m – 8’4″
 Tube diameter:  0.45 m – 1’6″
 *Weight (Fully Loaded):  3,322 kg – 7,324 Ibs
 Fuel Capacity:  60 – 100 gal
 Recommended Power:  200 hp
 Max Power Allowed:  350 hp
 Maximum speed:  80 km/h – 50 mph
 No of Pax:  11 No. on water & 8 No. on land
 Classification:  B

*Actual Dimensions and Weight may vary depending on the Configuration.

ocean craft marine