Amphibious RIB Boat 9.8m - Recreational Amphibious Craft- OCM Amp
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The biggest amphibious RIB in our range, the OCM Amphibious Boat 9.8m is perfect for family and friends fun days. Its large size offers large customization and design options. You could also add a pop up camping tent and a barbecue grill to expand your camping activities.

It can carry a big number of passengers and has a large storage area, enough  to store bicycles, wakeboards, paddle boards and inflatable toys.

With direct launching into the sea and effortless landing on the beach, you can go wherever you desire for a fun day in the sun. Thanks to its advanced 4 wheels drive system, once you are nearing the shore, you can lower the wheels in the downwards position so your boat can drive up the beach and park. On land it can drive up to 9.5km/h.

ocean craft marine


 Length Overall: 10.3 m – 33’10”
 Beam Overall:  3.17 m – 10’5″
 Tube diameter:  0.56 m – 1’10”
 *Weight (Fully Loaded):  4,371 kg – 9,636 Ibs
 Fuel Capacity:  60 – 205 gal
 Recommended Power:  400 hp
 Max Power Allowed:  800 hp
 Maximum speed:  85 km/h – 53 mph
 No of Pax:  15 No. on water & 5 No. on land
 Classification:  B

*Actual Dimensions and Weight may vary depending on the Configuration.

ocean craft marine