AMP 310 Captiva Beachlander - Amphibious Beachlander RIB - OCM Amp
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AMP 310 Captiva Beachlander

The AMP 310 Captiva Beachlander Boat is the only Amphibious, Beachlander out there.

Adding to the great advantages of having an Amphibious, the Beachlander option now opens a whole new world of opportunities to any boating experience. Now not only can you drive straight on to any beach but you can also lower the front bow which facilitates easy entering or exiting on to the boat.

With direct launching to the sea and effortless landing on the beach, you can go wherever you desire for a fun day in the sun. Thanks to its advanced 4 wheel drive system, once you near the shore, you can lower the wheels in the downwards position so your boat can drive up the beach and park. On land it can drive up to 9.0 km/h.

This AMP 310 Captiva Beachlander is perfect for family fun days with sufficient space to store bicycles, wakeboards, paddle boards and inflatable toys.

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 Length overall: 9.33 m – 30’7″
 Beam overall:  2.95 m – 9’8″
 Tube diameter:  D -Tube
 Lightship:  3,700 kg – 8157 Ibs
 Payload:  1,950 kg – 4,299 Ibs
 Fuel capacity:  60 – 135 gal
 Recommended power:  2 x 200 hp
 Max power allowed:  2 x 300 hp
 No of pax:  12 No. on water & 8 No. on land
 Classification:  B
 Number of air chamber:  8

*Actual Dimensions and Weight may vary depending on the Configuration.

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