The benefits of the 4×4 amphibious boat extends to the Professional market

The benefits of the 4×4 amphibious boat extends to the Professional market

From flood rescue and other rescue missions to anti-piracy and more, the need for the 4×4 amphibious boat is very high from the various military and professional mariners for their missions. The Mil/Pro 4×4 OCM AMP is a great addition to the existing fleet of organization and governmental agencies allowing the users to take action faster and more effectively.

benefits of 4x4 amphibious boat

Each amphibious RIB boat is powered by OCM’s advanced BAS 80-4 Amphibious system, comprised of 4 independently motorized and steerable wheels that offer high stability on land and retract completely in the water for exceptional overland and on-water performance. As explained in the points below, the benefits of the 4×4 amphibious boat extends to the professional market where it is in high demand for the Mil/Pro missions:

  • Accelerated response time as the boat can drive directly on-land and access previously inaccessible areas to a standard boat and it can be launched and retrieved by one man – no additional help is needed
  • Access to shallow waters and areas on the high tidal range – these limitations no longer exists
  • Increase your patrolling area as all areas are now accessible – your operations areas are extended thanks to a broader reach
  • Respond effectively during rescue operations and flood response – time is on your side, you can make a difference now that you can reach deeper flooded areas
  • Traverse obstacle, variable depth and debris with ease – hassle and worry free of these prior hindering situations
amphibious RIB boat

The beauty of the 4×4 amphibious boat is in its versatility – it can be used for all kind of missions as well as for recreational purposes. Investing in such a RIB in your fleet will make you wish to have nothing else but 4×4 amphibious boats.

The pain of the maintenance that comes with any boat is significantly decreased as the boat does not have to be in the water where it is exposed to all the elements. It is painless to operate and a great tool to be able to fully focus on accomplishing the mission at hand.