Amphibious Boat Advantages | OCM Boat with Wheels

Amphibious Boat Advantages | OCM Boat with Wheels

In the previous blog post, we covered what is An Amphibious boat and who are the companies that manufacture these boats (In case you haven’t yet, read here.) Now that you are familiar with the Amphibious boat, in today’s blog, we will discuss all the major great things you can do as a pleasure boater with an Amphibious boat!

So the amphibious capabilities of the boat, gives you the following main added benefits to your boating experience which are solutions to the typical hassles of boating:

Amphibious Boat Advantages
1. No trailer needed

Trailering your boat is no longer needed when you live by the beach or near the water.

For beach house owners or waterfront property owners, owning an Amphibious boat rather than a traditional boat will make your life and boating journey much more pleasant as you would be able to: 

  • Launch and retrieve your boat directly from your house into the water and vice-versa as you can drive your boat straight into and out-of the water from/to your beach house – no trailer is needed
  • Load your boat with drinks, food and equipment directly from your house in all convenience and comfort
  • Park your boat in your garage or on your premises so your boat is outside of the water instead of sitting in the marina and being exposed to the elements
  • Be independent and gain in time and convenience as you would not need the help of another person to launch your boat and you can launch it much faster since all you have to do is turn on the boat and drive it into the water
ocm boat with wheels
2. Take your boat out at any time

no longer need to wait for low and high tide areas

Now you do not have to think about low tides anymore as you can drive your boat on its wheels when the tides are low, giving you freedom, flexibility as well as accessibility to areas that a normal boat would not have.

amphibious boat no trailer needed
3. Reach anywhere

no need to keep your boat in the water and swim to the beach or take another smaller boat to transport you from your yacht to the shore. Now, you can beach and park the boat on the beach and have a fun time on land.

In an effortless manner, you can drive onto any land by lowering the wheels of the boat. Once the wheels are lowered on ground your tube will touch the ground making it extremely safe and easy to go on and out of the boat. You can easily offload/load people and food for your BBQ on the beach, making it safe and easy for children as well as older boaters. You can even transport a camping tent on your boat and go camp on a nice beach in all tranquility and joy. The OCM Amphibious is more than just a boat with wheels, it is a mobile home for many.

The advantages of an Amphibious boat especially like the 4WD OCM AMP boat take your boating experience to another level by bringing you the ultimate convenience, comfort, more time on water and more fun.