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Heading to the Annapolis boat show?
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Enjoying the sun, sea and seashore doesn’t necessarily have to be classified as a vacation or be an annual events.
A boat at your disposal gives you the freedom and flexibility to pack your bags and head out as and when the mood strikes you. An amphibious boat in your garage gives you the added twin benefits of getting to the water faster and widening your explorations!

Want to test the waters firsthand? If you live in or around Annapolis, or are traveling to our shores for the United States Sail Boat show, give us a call and get the amphibious experience with a free sea trial.


Our Amphibious range of boats are built strong to give you the best experience, both on land and on water. Each boat is equipped with the advanced BAS-80-4 amphibious system, with 4 independently motorized and steerable wheels that offer exceptional overland capabilities. A fully marinized system, the wheels retract completely in the water for optimal performance on-water. OCM’s unique reverse chines design makes for smoother, drier rides, increased lift for more overall speed, and increased mileage per gallon of fuel carried and consumed.


  • Drive straight from your beachfront home into the water and back again
  • Launch your boat faster, without any help
  • Access remote beaches and islands
  • Navigate obstacles, variable depths and debris with ease
  • Expand your camping and outdoor activities


Our range of Amphibious boats come in several sizes: 7.1M, 9.5M Beachlander, 9.8M, and the crowd favourite 8.4M. Every boat that we build is customized to our customer’s preferences and needs. You can choose from our various configuration options for seats, frames, console, engine and more, and our team will design and build your boat exactly the way you want it.

For more information on our recreational amphibious boats, please visit our website, and if you’d like to book your free sea trial, give us a call at +1 410-263-3242 or email us at [email protected].