Delivering a Cutting-Edge 9-Meter Amphibious Boat to Southampton, New York

Exceptional Trust & Satisfaction Bring Customer Back

August 31, 2023

We take great pride in announcing the successful delivery of an AMP 300 Bonaire boat to a valued customer who was delighted with our product that they returned to acquire a bigger one.

This is our second collaboration with this customer, who previously owned an AMP 230 Cabo, and like with his first boat, this remarkable vessel was meticulously designed and crafted to meet his precise specifications, affirming our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and customization in the maritime industry.

Tailored Excellence for Seamless Waterside Adventures

This latest delivery marks a significant milestone for us as it bolsters our reputation for delivering tailor-made, cutting-edge maritime solutions. The client, a seasoned mariner and passionate water sports enthusiast from Southampton NY, will deploy the amphibious boat in the picturesque waters proximate to Shinnecock Bay, NY as well as from his home in Florida.

tailor-made amphibious boat

Unparalleled Performance and Design

Powered by twin Mercury® Marine’s V-8 300HP Pro XS outboard motors, the amphibious boat boasts an astonishing top speed of over 60 miles per hour, ensuring an exhilarating on-water experience. Our high-performance concave reverse-chine design hull form plays a pivotal role, providing not only exceptional sea-keeping abilities but also enabling high-speed turns with unparalleled stability. This innovative hull design is a testament of our company’s dedication to optimizing both speed and safety.

amphibious excellence for Adventures

Innovative Amphibious Capability

At the heart of the vessel’s versatility lies our proprietary hydraulically actuated four-wheel-drive Amphibious Enablement System (AES). Seamlessly transitioning from land to water, this groundbreaking technology empowers users to effortlessly navigate various terrains while offering an unprecedented degree of mobility. This unique feature sets our amphibious boats apart and further solidifies our position as an industry leader in amphibious watercraft.

A Testament to Craftsmanship and Vision

The successful delivery of the 9-meter amphibious boat exemplifies Ocean Craft Marine’s unwavering commitment to realizing customers’ dreams through unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. With each vessel meticulously tailored to meet the distinct preferences and needs of individual clients, Ocean Craft Marine continues to set new benchmarks in the marine industry.