OCM Makes Splash at FLIBS 2021


Ocean Craft Marine, the Annapolis, MD-based manufacturer of world-class, purpose-built Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, made a real splash at FLIBS this year with a display of its 8.4 meter Amphibious Vessel, one of only three such vessels in the market today.

Interested viewers are invited to come see and learn more on the OCM Amp Rigid Hull Inflatable 4×4 Amphibious Boat at Booth #1095 at Bahia Mar from October 27-31.

Teaming up with its Florida Dealer, Nautical Ventures Group, Ocean Craft Marine wowed the crowd with a demonstration of the class-leading, hydraulically-controlled 4-wheel drive amphibious vessel capable of driving over beach terrain at 9 miles per hour while reaching high performance speeds 0f 50 miles per hour plus on the water.

“We were thrilled but not surprised at the attention we got at FLIBS this year,” said Jo Stapleton, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ocean Craft Marine. “This amphibious vessel solves a real problem for people: Namely, how to get their boat close to their waterfront property in shallow water.”

In production for 6 years, Ocean Craft Marine’s OCM Amp is in service in 30 different countries around the world and in at least 6 different states in the US. With models ranging in in size from 7.1 meters (23 ft) to 9.8 meters (32 ft), Ocean Craft Marine’s OCM Amp can be customized to the individual customer’s specifications.

“Our vertically-integrated agile production process allows all of our boats to be customized without reinventing the wheel every time, “Stapleton said. “And it allows us to deliver new boats in time for next spring, which is a problem for many manufacturers.”

4-wheel drive amphibious vessel at flibs

Ocean Craft Marine’s passion is to help Professional and Recreational boaters alike successfully accomplish their individual boating missions by providing the safest, highest quality, purpose- built Rigid Hull Inflatable boats in the world, and to support them throughout the entire ownership life-cycle.

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Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore offers top quality water sports products and support along with a highly trained, experienced, and caring staff throughout their six locations within South Florida.

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