Southampton Boat Show

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Amphibious Rigid Inflatable Boat

Come Join Us As We’re Heading to Britain’s Biggest And Boatiest Festival

Britain’s biggest and best festival of boating is back and we are extremely excited to take our Amphibious boat range across the sea, to British shores.

The Southampton Boat Show, an annual ten-day event, is held in Mayflower Park. It brings together some of the biggest names in the boating industry. 600+ global marine brands with kit, clothing and boats (of course), across categories and price ranges.

Our dealer partner, Ideal Boat will be presenting Ocean Craft Marine’s Black and Grey 8.4m Amphibious and Black 7.1m Amphibious powered by Yamaha 200hp engine at the festival. To read up on our versatile Amphibious range of boats, visit:


If there’s one boat that could be considered the “Future of Boating”, it is OCM’s amphibious range that finds application for professional and personal use. More than just boats with wheels, these boats offer unparalleled mobility, accessibility and a world of convenience to all mariners. We are proud to showcase these versatile boats at this prestigious event.


Every OCM Amphibious boat is powered by our BAS-80-4 Amphibious system, comprised of four independently motorized, steerable and retractable wheels. The 35 HP, control by wire engine provides ‘smart’ stability of operation, while an oxygen sensor reduces emissions. Custom manufactured rims and marine coated wheels, with custom tires offer optimum load balancing , improved traction and high stability on land. An electric braking system enhances safety, while the fully marinized system ensures that the wheels stay completely out of the water once the boat is deployed. All of which make for an exceptional performance both on water and on land.


Whether you’re a military, a professional or a recreational mariner, an amphibious boat offers several benefits over a conventional RHIB.

  • Drive straight onto the beach and into the water with less time wasted to launch and return
  • Reach areas within high tidal range as well as shallow waters
  • Access areas such as remote islands, that would otherwise be difficult to reach
  • Get past obstacles, variable depths and debris with ease