The Reverse Effect: Smoother, Drier Rides With OCM

Boat with Riverse Chine hull
Deep-V Reverse Chines hull design
amphibious rib at germany boat show

The hull is one of the most important parts of your boat. Its design determines your experience on the water. At OCM, we are constantly looking for and finding new ways to enhance your boating experience, regardless of whether you are a professional or a recreational mariner. One such innovation is our unique Deep-V Reverse Chines hull design, which enhances your on-water experience in more ways than one!


Boat hulls can be deep or shallow, flat bottomed, round bottomed or V-shaped. A V-shaped hull is wedge- shaped from bow to stern, as the name suggests. This type of boat hull knifes cleanly through waves, making for a smooth ride even in rough water, and uses less fuel.

Chines in the construction of the hull refer to the sharp changes in angles in its cross section. Reverse chines angle downward. When they are in water, they part the waters to the sides as well as downwards, at the same time.

This construction offers three distinct benefits:

  • They increase the lateral stability of the vessel by directing the water downward, thereby creating extra lift and reducing friction drag of the hull. So you can maintain stability even at maximum speeds and during sharp turns.
  • The change in angle deflects the spray from cutting through the water under the hull, or atleast lower than usual. For you, this means a drier ride.
  • When a stationary boat moves forward and gathers speed, the concave chines make the transition smoother.

Together, this means a more stable, drier ride!

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We were thrilled to participate in several boat shows this past month.

We were present at the Poole Harbour Boat Show from June 7th to 9th, and at the Seawork Commercial Maritime Exhibition in Southampton from June 11th to 13th. Our distributor,, showcased our 8.4M Amphibious RIB and demonstrated its on-water capabilities at both exhibitions.

OCM’s amphibious boats, which are powered by the BAS-80-4 advanced amphibious system, offer faster launch time and broader reach. They benefit professionals such as first responders as well as recreational mariners by saving time and allowing them to access areas that were previously inaccessible.

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