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Amphibious boat VS a yacht tender – OCM Amp

Amphibious boat VS a yacht tender – OCM Amp

Why is it worth it to invest in an Amphibious boat VS a Yacht tender?

When it comes to buying a yacht tender, your options are now expanded to include the Amphibious boat. Why settle for a normal yacht tender boat when you can have the same with all the advantages of an Amphibious system that can make your boating experience worthwhile? In the previous blog post we addressed the advantages of the Amphibious boat for waterfront property owner.  

Amphibious boat vs Yacht tender

The top 5 reasons to invest in an Amphibious boat vs a yacht tender:

Beach house or MegaYacht 

  • If you have a beach house, investing in an Amphibious boat is a no brainer. This boat was specifically built for waterfront property owners (all the advantages in the blog post here)
  • If you own a megayacht or superyacht, opting for an Amphibious boat is the best option as you can continue to enjoy the luxury lifestyle by hoping on your Amphibious boat that will transport you to your destination in all dryness and elegance 

 Accessibility anywhere – Get the most out of your boat and get the best experience 

  • You no longer have to keep your boat in the water far away from the beach. You can access directly any beach, island, beach restaurant by driving your Amphibious boat and park it on land. You don’t need to swim or use another boat to transport you, making your experience convenient, comfortable and luxurious. Investing in an Amphibious will really allow you to get the most out of your boat with more time on water and the ability to access areas that were previously inaccessible with a normal boat.  

Maintenance – Very low  

  • Given that you can keep the Amphibious boat outside of the water, your boat is not exposed to the elements in the water so that the maintenance on the boat is not needed as frequently as a yacht tender. Moreover, the boat will last you for longer.  

Performance – Unparalleled 

  • The performance of an Amphibious boat vs a yacht tender that is not a RIB is unparalleled. The former can be very fast if speed is what you are after. It offers outstanding handling with agile maneuvering. 

Versatility – Activities expandable 

  • Because of the 4 wheel-drive amphibious system, the boat can drive on land expanding your boating activities to camping activities if desired. It also allows you to enjoy all the watersports you like such as wakeboarding.  
ocm amp accessibility anywhere

When you are looking to invest a significant amount of capital into a yacht tender, perhaps considering going all out to get the best type of yacht tender for yourself, your boating enjoyment and your ROI by opting for an Amphibious boat. You can check out OCM AMP boat range which are the best amphibious boats out there.